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Ridgebacks were our first love, and after 42 years, we no longer breed them. Whippets are now our main focus and, owning several girls, we generally have a whippet litter each year.

We take breeding very seriously, attending whippet shows throughout Australia (and occasionally overseas) proudly showcasing our dogs, comparing them to others and searching for potential mates with the view to produce quality whippets.  Our first aim is to breed happy and healthy dogs that will make wonderful family companions.  We appreciate that the majority of enquiries we receive are for a pet puppy and not everyone wants to show their dog, however, for us, we still strive to produce great looking dogs with fantastic character regardless of whether they are for companions or destined for a show/breeding home. Visit us and meet 4 generations in our home or check out the ancestors on The Whippet Archives. 

All our puppies are sold registered with Dog NSW, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and vet checked. A comprehensive information booklet is provided along with a Royal Canin puppy pack (with food), 6 weeks pet insurance, a sighthound lead and collar, toy and most importantly, after sales service with interest and support for the lifetime of our dogs. Our adult dogs are cardiac and eye certified and copies of their results are provided.  On occasion, we have BAER (hearing) tested puppies.

We are happy to sell to unit and townhouse dwellers and explain how best to manage toileting routines for a new puppy in such environments.

All litters are whelped and reared inside the home for the first few weeks.  All our dogs run together and all puppies are introduced to the adult dogs. We believe our puppies are well socialised, happy, outgoing, and most importantly, healthy.

We don't condone inbreeding, and occasionally linebreed but never inbreed.  We tend to breed type to type and look for males that will compliment our girls.  

Luckily, Whippets are pretty healthy and there are no required health checks.  Our adult dogs are cardiac screened and certified clear by Dr Rita Singh from SASH, Nth Ryde or Dr Nick Beijerink from Sydney Uni.  Eye testing is carried out by opthamolgist, Dr Bruce Roberton.  At 6 week vet visit for first vaccination, our vets check temperature, patellas (knees), eyes, ears, mouth and heart.  However, just like us, there are never guarantees that any dog won't develop some disease, but we attempt to avoid any inherited congenital disease so that when you take your puppy, it's as healthy as it possibly can be.

We don't ask for deposits nor believe in contracts of sale for our puppies but we do expect our buyers to love any puppy purchased from us.  


Ordering a puppy is not like ordering a car or kitchen applicance where you can select colours.  Whilst we all may have a preference, genetics control the colour and markings and all colours and markings (except merle) are acceptance in the the Breed Standard.  A black or blue will not be any healthier or prettier than a fawn or red brindle etc.  Look for health and character first.

Unfortunately, circumstances change in peoples' lives so our condition of sale is that if at any time an owner can no longer keep a dog bred by us, that we be contacted so we can assist with rehousing and keep our records up to date.

Not all buyers are able to visit, so for our intrastate, interstate and overseas buyers, we have a puppy cam set up over the whelping box so new owners can follow the development of the litter.  

Interested buyers are welcome to come and meet our dogs (but don't wear your best clothes as our whippets love nothing better than to sit your lap for a cuddle.   



Sunny had her puppies were born on Sunday 5 July 2020.  All puppies are spoken for.


Shelby's puppies arrived Sunday 16 August 2020.  All puppies are spoken for.






We are no longer breeding RR litters.  









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Toni & John Comerford
Douglas Park (near Camden), NSW, Australia
Phone : 61 2 46 309100 / 0431220815
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